I like comparing who different groups endorse. My hope is it helps others find it easier to vote.

Organizations (some endorsing) for current election

State Wide

  • Prop 1 - Mental Health Care and Addiction Treatment Reform & Bonds to Build Places for Treatment and Supportive Housing. LWV against..

  • US Senate PVG - says pick your favorite between Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, and Adam Schiff that all are good choices. I haven’t found anyone to actually endorse one over the others. CalMatters 2


Office PVG Siera Club EV Labor Alternatives
US House District 42 Garcia Garcia NR Robert Garcia Nicole López
CA State Senate Dist 33 Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez Lena Gonzalez  
CA State Assembly Dist 69 Lowenthal NR Lowenthal Josh Lowenthal  
LA County District Attorney Gascon NR NR George Gascon Jeff Chemerinsky Eric Siddall
LA County Board of Supervisors Dist 4 NR Hahn NR Janice Hahn  

Long Beach Measure RW - Hotel Worker Minimum Wage Long Beach site (as in voter booklet).

Superior Court of Los Angeles County

Also see, Bar association ratings

No. PVG LABOR Democrats Bar Rating Me
12 NR NR NR Only Lynn D. Olson is rated Well Qualified  
39 George A. Turner Jr. Turner Turner Turner is 1 of 3 rated Qualified  
48 Ericka Wiley Wiley Wiley All qualified, but Renee Rose is Well Qualified  
93 NR NR Victor Avila Running unopposed  
97 La Shae Henderson Sharon Ransom Ransom Ransom - Well Qualified, Henderson -Qualified, Abourched - Well Qualified  
115 NR Christmas Brookens Brookens Both Well Qualified  
124 NR NR NR Neither Qualified Kimberly_Repecka has information on Ballotpedia
130 NR Christopher Darden Leslie Gutierrez Both listed left Well Qualified  
135 NR Steven Yee Mac Georgia Huerta Both listed left Well Qualified  
137 NR Luz E. Herrera Tracy Blount Blount - Well Qualified, Herrera - Qualified, Berg - Qualifed  

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